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Session Statuses

To help you differentiate between sessions, every session has a session status. Sessions are color-coded to help you make sense of your schedule at a glance.

The status icon appears for each session on the session list. You can also see the status in the General tab of the session.

Pending Validation โ€“ Your session is awaiting validation by the organization's server.

Validating โ€“ Your session is currently being validated by your organization. You cannot edit scheduling details while your session is validating.

Scheduled โ€“ Your session is approved by your organization.

Incomplete โ€“ Your session is missing required session data. Once a session is in the past, session data is required. Enter the missing details to complete your session.

Ready to Submit โ€“ Your session is valid and has session data.

Submitted โ€“ Your session has been submitted. You cannot edit a submitted session.

Cancelled โ€“ Your session was cancelled. You can see the reason for cancellation in the General tab of the session. You cannot edit a cancelled session.

Declined โ€“ Your session has been declined by your organization. You can see the reason in the General tab of the session. Reach out to your case manager if you are still unsure why your session was declined. You can edit the session to correct the issue.

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